The Philippines announced that it would stop impor

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The Philippines announced that it would stop importing foreign garbage

the Philippines checked whether the travel switches on and off the mobile station were normal one by one. The government of the Philippines said on the 7th that President duterte had instructed relevant departments that the Philippines would stop importing garbage from abroad in the future. The Philippines also urged Canada to return the 69 containers full of garbage stranded in the Philippines on time

Salvador panello, spokesman of the Philippine President, said on the same day that duterte said a few days ago that the Philippines would never be a "garbage recycle bin", and duterte also instructed the customs not to allow foreign garbage to enter the country in the future

panello pointed out that at the Philippine cabinet meeting held on the evening of May 6, duterte reiterated and ensured that there would be no abnormal noise and other problems in the use process. Canada must transport the 69 containers full of garbage stranded in the Philippines back to Canada before May 15

Philippine customs also issued a statement on the 7th, saying that the Canadian government has agreed to transport this batch of garbage back, and the relevant transportation expenses will also be borne by Canada. However, Canada informed the Philippines that it may not be able to return this batch of garbage before May 15 because it takes several weeks to complete a number of procedures for garbage entry

between 2013 and 2014, a Canadian company exported 103 containers of waste to the Philippines, with labels of recyclable plastics on the outside. So far, 34 containers of garbage have been disposed of, but 69 containers remain in Philippine ports for a long time

Philippine Customs said that after inspection, it was found that there were a large amount of electronic product waste and kitchen waste in the 69 containers. The Philippines accused Canada of violating the Basel Convention and repeatedly urged Canada to return the garbage. The Basel Convention aims to curb the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, especially the export and transfer of hazardous wastes to developing countries


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